The Second Hand Marching Band &
Benni Hemm Hemm

Faults - a collaborative album between Iceland and Scotland

Released 2nd of March 2016


Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh
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The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow
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Union Chapel, London

About the album:

BHHSHMB Benni and Pete met in 2007 at one of the first SHMB performances. Pete, Ross, Rich and Fraser from SHMB started playing in Benni’s band. At the same time Pete and Benni recorded some songs together as a collaboration between the Second Hand Marching Band and Benni Hemm Hemm.

Nine songs have been produced in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Cumbernauld and Reykjavik. A long project stretching over seven year, 800 miles, sixteen instruments and eight singer.

The album is a totally self-funded, DIY, self-recorded, self-produced, self-assembled production. This is no mean feat for a normal band but try it with 17 people in 2 countries!

About The Second Hand Marching Band:

The Second Hand Marching Band started in 2007 as a big folk ensemble in Glasgow, Scotland. They have released a number of EPs (Dance to Half Death, Grit and Determination), compilations (Compendium, And the rest will follow) and an album (A Hurricane, a Thunderstorm) through independent labels and self-release. All recordings are self-recorded in sheds, garages, living rooms and bedrooms, carefully put together over time.

BHHSHMBSHMB have played tiny venues like Tchai Ovna tea house, and big venues like the Liquid Rooms and stages at festivals such as The Big Tent Festival, Wickerman and Belladrum. They have toured in Scotland and England, and will be heading to London for the first time this year as a full band.

SHMB have counted members of Withered Hand, Benni Hemm Hemm, Danananaykroyd, John Knox Sex Club, Trembling Bells, Big Hogg and Eagleowl in their ranks, as well as many dozens of other bands and music groups.

They are known for collaborating, having played the only accompanied versions of songs from RM Hubbert’s first album in a one-off performance in 2013, and adding their shambolic ensemble sound sound to Zoey Van Goey, Withered Hand and Beerjacket.

About Benni Hemm Hemm:

BHHSHMB Benni Hemm Hemm is the project of Benedikt H Hermannsson from Reykjavik, Iceland. BHH has created a number of albums of varied styles, from full brass ensemble pop (Kajak) to darker folk tales (Eliminate Evil, Revive Good Times).

The band first began to take root when Hermannsson, after a limited release of his solo SummerPlate EP in 2003, moved to Italy for a few months and began to write a new batch of songs. With a full band, including trumpet, bass, and flügelhorn, Benni Hemm Hemm issued their self-titled full-length debut on Iceland's Smákökurnar Records in September 2005, with reissues in Japan, Europe, and North America coming the following year with the help of P-Vine and Morr Music, respectively. In November of 2006 the group's second album, Kajak, recorded in just a few days at Sigur Rós' studio, came out in Iceland, and by May 2007 it had hit U.S. shores. The band's third studio album, Murta St. Calunga, followed in 2008. In 2011 Benni Hemm Hemm returned with the album Skot, featuring Hermannsson backed by the Icelandic pop ensemble Retro Stefson.

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